Silver Sponsorship

If you choose to be a Silver Sponsor, you get to enjoy many benefits, as our way of saying “Thank you!”

As a Silver Sponsor, you can enjoy:

  • Large, highly visible banners featuring your business, displayed at the school athletic fields
  • A sponsor ad in programs that are distributed at school events–  this one is one of the most fun benefits we offer.  Within the flyers, at every event, SchoolAwards will sponsor contests that involve frenzied hunts for valuable stickers placed on specific ads.    Once they find the winning sticker, they receive a free t-shirt or other gear offered at the school or event.

Why is this awesome?   The fans LOVE to play the game, so they look forward to new editions of the Sponsor Ad flyers, and the best part about patrons hunting for stickers is… They will see your ad every time!    By encouraging fans to comb the ads, your business is seen by hundreds, over and over again, while they get to have fun and win cool prizes.  Everybody wins!

  • Your ad can feature a QR code or promo code for patrons to scan and go directly to your website, making it easy to bring patrons to your businesses for fun and simple ways to join forces as a community, together.
    Banners and Digital Ads in the Basketball Arena
  • Your own plaque for each year you are a sponsor, so that you can proudly display your community support.
  • Recognition on the school website
  • School Sponsor window decal — this serves a dual purpose.  Not only does it proudly display your loyal commitment to bettering your local schools, but it also becomes a symbol to other fundraisers that you have already given to the school in a big way, so that you don’t have to keep turning down hopeful, eager fundraisers.
  • Free Admission to school events, all year long! We’re proud you are sponsors with us, and we want you to come see what these amazing students are doing—in athletics, theatre, music, and more.


  • Full Color 1/2 Page Ad
  • Premium banner placement.
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 21

  • 4 Passes
    Up to 6 people per pass - Value of $1800

  • $500


  • Full Color 1/3 Page Ad
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 15

  • 2 Passes
    Up to 6 people per pass - Value of $900

  • $250


  • Full Color 1/4 Page Ad
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 6

  • 1 Passes
    1 family pass - Value of $540

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