In addition to everything you get for being a School Sponsor, if you choose to be a Platinum Sponsor, you get to enjoy the very top level of benefits, because we want you to know how much we appreciate you and what you do for your community.

As a Platinum Sponsor, you can enjoy:

  • FOUR free passes to school events, all year
  • The honor of presenting a $500 scholarship from your business to an individual student at the school on the school Scholarships/Awards night  (this doesn’t cost your business any extra—it’s part of the benefits of being a Gold Sponsor with SchoolAwards)
  • Representation on the Sponsor Display placed in a high-traffic area on a beautiful display in the school
  • E-Sponsor certificates to place on your webpage, social media pages, or email signatures – this is the digital version of the School Sponsor window decal.  It’s a way to say, “We support our local schools, and we choose to sponsor excellence.”
  • Opportunities to hand out marketing materials at various school events, like basketballs or swag with company logos, pens, keychains, etc…
  • Public recognition at a major school event, where your business is presented with a plaque honoring your contributions and commitment.
  • 5,000 postcards mailed directly to community residents that say how much your school wants to thank YOU
  • A representative from your business has the honor of presenting school awards along with a teacher and the principal
  • Your business’ name printed on the back of the giveaway t-shirts that are distributed at school events
  • School SWAG gear that has your community school logo and name, your business logo and name, and “Platinum Sponsor” across the top.  Wear it to school events, be seen, and get noticed!


  • Full Color 1/2 Page Ad
  • Premium banner placement.
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 21

  • 4 Passes
    Up to 6 people per pass - Value of $1800

  • $500


  • Full Color 1/3 Page Ad
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 15

  • 2 Passes
    Up to 6 people per pass - Value of $900

  • $250


  • Full Color 1/4 Page Ad
  • Minimum No. of Posts: 6

  • 1 Passes
    1 family pass - Value of $540

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